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OPPOSITES ATTACK! – 30 Minute Valentine Challenge

The store is filling up with merchandise in preparation for valentine’s day! So for this edition of Opposites Attack, we’ve decided to make valentine’s day cards! And just to make things a more fun, we turned it into a challenge!

30 minutes

3 cards each

1 sheet of stickers, 2 pattern papers, 3 pieces of cardstock to share

Here’s what we chose: (sticker sheet and patterned paper from Echo Park):

vday post2

Challenge accepted!


We cut all the cardstock to make a standard sized 4X6″ cards so it will be fair:

vday post4

And off we go!

vday post5

Mer: Its not fair….my glue keeps getting stuck


Shmoo: Too bad… heh heh


After 25 minutes….

Mer: I’m done….. ahem… *drinks milo*

vday post6

Shmoo: arrrgh!!! last card, last card!

vday post7


Well, we did it! We managed to each finish 3 cards within 30 minutes!:

vday card all

And we thought you might like to see each one up close! (See if you can guess who made which cards!):

vday card1 vday card2 vday card3 vday card4 vday card5 vday card6

We had a lot of fun taking this 30 minute challenge! Crafting doesn’t have to take a super long time and working within limits can really get those creative juices going! Happy crafting!